Our Mission:

To connect, strengthen, and support the relationships between people and businesses.

At United Media Marketing, our goal is to grow and assist the online presence of our clients. Through simpler tasks such as creating an account or webpage, or more complex tasks such as targeted advertising through specific demographics, United Media Marketing works to put you with your audience. For examples, look no further than the page you are viewing created by our team, or the statistics seen below within days of a client utilizing our most basic services.

Analytics via Facebook Insights from June 23 - June 30 2017

Analytics via Facebook Insights from June 23 - June 30 2017

Humble Beginnings

United Media Marketing begins with founder Jordan Zink, who has had a passion for the digital medium since the early days of Myspace, YouTube, and even Facebook. Ever the analyst, Mr. Zink grew to dissect and appreciate what makes social media sites tick. From likes and shares to followers and subscribers, he dove into the data that drives these factors across the digital landscape, and found that there are many aspects that need to be accounted for to truly grow an online presence. However, many individuals and businesses still struggle with the new medium of communication, and that is were United Media Marketing steps into play.

From Twitter to Instagram, Pinterest to LinkedIn, and so many more, United Media Marketing seeks to improve the online presence of others. Whether it is ensuring the quick Google search will provide the correct information to an interested customer or building a large framework from the ground up, it is the digital landscape that we stage our business. Through social media marketing, it is possible to target very specific demographics, span worldwide audiences, and everything in between.
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